Per Beming

Per Beming

Per Beming is Vice President and Head of Standards & Industry Initiatives based in
Stockholm and reporting to Ericsson Group CTO. In this capacity he drives the technology
leadership work in Standardization, and industry initiatives, including open source, for the
Ericsson Group.

In previous roles Beming was responsible for Radio’s 5G program targeting 5G RAN
products and demos, in addition to driving the architecture at Business Area Networks.
Beming has been Director of RBS Systems at Development Unit Radio, Business Unit
Networks. Beming has also held a role of Expert in Radio Access Architecture at Ericsson
Research and being the head of Ericsson’s delegation to 3GPP RAN for WCDMA, HSPA and
LTE standardization.

He is also engaged in IOWN global forum as a board of director. Beming is also an
executive board of director in HAPS alliance.

Beming joined Ericsson Research in 1994 and holds an M.Sc. in Applied Physics and
Electrical Engineering (1994).

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    Ericsson AB
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    Vice President, Standard & Industry Initiatives